3R Solution

My knowledge & expertise will save you countless hours of time & aggravation:

  • Maximizing your health insurance benefits
  • Minimizing your out-of-pocket financial responsibility
  • Challenging and Disputing claims denied for treatments, therapy, equipment and prescriptions
  • Organizing and Managing piles of medical bills and claims
  • Facilitating communication with providers, insurance companies and collections
  • Negotiating providers’ fees for the uninsured

The American health insurance system is complex and layered with inconsistencies. Whether you are a patient or care for one, managing medical claims can be challenging and time-consuming. A wrong decision can prove costly to your health and finances.

With years of medical claims experience I can step in as needed to resolve problems and facilitate claims payment. ABC’s 3R Solution® advocate for you with your insurance company, providers and collection agencies.

Relieve, Reduce, & RESOLVE your medical debt.

What my clients are saying

Thank you so much for your Help.


Thank you so much for your work to clear up the medical claims. You are a life-saver!


Kieran & Laruie

Wow! That is awesome news. You are the best!!!

Kevin G

You’ve been great to work with.

Lindsay F, Paralegal

Thank you, Karen.

You have done wonders and taken a lot of work off our plate in areas where we do not have the expertise.


Thanks – I could never keep track of this like you do, Karen!!

Jean W

Thank you for all of your help and efforts. You have truly, truly been a Godsend for our family.

Jeffrey M ESQ

Karen – Thank you so much! This past year has been such a roller coaster, but was lucky to have you on my side. Thank you for being so caring and persistent- and making sure this all has a good resolution. Could not have done this without you, thanks got everything!


Wow! That is great! Just had to get the right person, I guess? –  (J’me trying since 2018, Resolved in 3 weeks May 15-June 5) 

J’me L.

I cannot ever thank you enough. I so very much appreciate all your help with EVERYTHING…. you saved my practice when it was rapidly drowning. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Deborah B

I wanted to thank you for your diligence and skill in working through this process.

Dan T

…thank you so much for all your help – ($37815.93 write off!)


You are awesome Karen! Thanks again. I really appreciate you helping us out with this. – (Ambulance Write off $995 in its entirety; $71,332.60 was adjusted to $3877.90; $76,006.57 was adjusted to $2938.60 & 5,526.00 was adjusted to $298.35)


Great!! You’re a Tigress.


Dear Karen – A heartfelt thank you and token of appreciation from our family. Getting J the lifesaving treatment he so desperately needs could not have happened without you. Your kindness, diligence & perseverance are a mighty combo. – (New Directions has made arrangements to add Lilac Center as an in network provider for Blue Select Plans. …The Lilac Center will process all your son’s claims as in network.)

The Bermans

Karen – Just received the check for 2019 for all of our claims.
Thank you again!