Karen I.Weiss, Medical Debt Consultant

and Founder

ABC 's 3R Solution will find a way to manage all those medical bills and claims.

I will get you out from under the heap, then you can concentrate on healing your mind,

body and family!!!

1. Relieve the anxiety and frustration of insurance claims

    and medical expenses.

2. Reduce medical debt by maximizing your insurance

    benefits and reviewing the charges for correct billing.

3. Resolve complex billing issues with the provider

     through expertise in interpreting medical bills, and

     savvy negotiating skills to achieve payment resolution.

ow incredibly overwhelming it is to get sick and have to go to the hospital....

you did not plan for this!!  If that isn't enough ....the bills start coming; and pick up speed!

The phone calls start ....demanding payment ....forcing you to make promises you can’t

possibly keep ......HELP!


What if there is someone to take this out of your hands, manage it, sort it out, know who

to ask and what questions to ask? Then, gives it back to you ....nice and tidy with a bow!

My primary objectives are...

A puzzle is not necessarily a verbal statement, but it presents a problem with a particularly baffling solution or tests one's ingenuity or skill in coming up with a solution...